Our Values

Our values are central to everything we do. Handcrafted Brands was founded because we believed there was a place in the world for a marketing and design agency that challenged the status quo and created beautiful things that are inspired by these principles:


Tell the truth. Even when the truth isn’t popular or easy to speak. Be real. Not what you think people want or need you to hear.


Approach situations and projects with the aim of understanding and sharing the feelings and experiences of another.


Walk the talk. Practice what you preach. Don’t hold others to standards that we don’t meet ourselves.


When everyone says go this way – and it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do – we forge our¬†own path. Even if it’s hard and scary.

If our clients, suppliers and partners ever feel like we haven’t lived up to these values, we actively encourage¬†them to call us out on it.

We're not just here to make a living.
We're here to change the world.